Worst Dressed: 84th Annual Oscars

Every award season has its winners and losers, here are our least favorite red carpet arrivals.

Glenn Close– A blazer floor length gown and a train?  separately these elements work but together its a train wreck!

Virgina Madsen– This wrinkled ill fitting dress may have been pretty had Madsen bothered to fix her hair.  Beach hair has no place at the Oscars.

Louise Roe– Roe is wearing a very “interesting” grown up ensemble but that kindergarten side ponytail is ill-advised.  He looks like an adolescent laying in mom’s closet.

Meryl Streep- This drapey gold sheet does nothing for the fab Ms. Streep



Melissa Leo– Thank goodness she won the statute, this dress is a catastrophe.  I’m fighting to keep my dinner down just looking at it.



Sandra Bullock– A rare misstep for the usually amazing Bullock.

Sherri Shepard— Such a funny lady, I wonder if she was looking for laughs with this dress.  Lovely color but the shape and neckline are all wrong for the busty Sheppard.