Review: La Vie Restaurant & Lounge

The Break Down:

Location: 64 E. First Street New York City , NY 10003 212 529 3262

Cuisine: French Moroccan

Items: 2 appetizers, 2 Entrees, 2 Cocktails

Cost: $103 (with 20% tip)

Best Dish: The lamb chops were amazing and worth a second trip! If meat isn’t your thing the hummus or Paella are great trade-offs.

Overall: Intimate, relaxed and comfy.  A great date place or happy hour destination

One of the best times of the work day is happy hour. Its that magical set of hours before bed time and right after the working day is over that is perfect for winding down. Unfortunately for most of us the window is all too brief with most ending around 7 and occurring only on weekdays. The owners of La Vie present an extended 7 day happy hour that lasts from 4pm to 10pm.  This isn’t your average happy hour, the lounge offers $4 Sangria, $3 Beer, and $6 well drinks along with its $15 hookah service.  The unbelievably cool atmosphere of the venue offers comfy couch seating a dim lighting the ideal setting for a romantic yet relaxed date night or a few drinks and a meal with friends. We experienced the delightful space on a low key week night. Our fellow patrons relaxed lazily on the cushioned couches sipping beautifully presented cocktails in the dimly lit setting. We were surprised to find out that the night before the comfy oasis was taken over by party girl and pop sensation Rihanna who hung out  at the spot until the wee hours of the morn.

Though our night wasn’t nearly as eventful, it was a fantastic Wednesday by any standards and we loved the low-key ambiance. We started off with appetizers, first up was the “Degustation de La Vie”  The item is billed as a “Mélange of hummus, beets, roasted peppers, marinated carrots, olive tapenade, baba ganoush” this was served with fresh warm pita triangles. Delicious and filled with healthy treats this is a great option for a table full of friends.  The combination of flavors and the mix of options make for a tasty sampling plate.

Degustation de La Vie

We also tried the “Pastilla de Poulet” this is a Phyllo dough pie filled with chicken and chopped almonds. Almost too pretty to eat we nearly didn’t cut into this sweet meat pie. Served on a bed of freshly cut orange slices with a generous dusting of powdered sugar, we were glad when we finally did cut into the confection. The outer layer had a light flaky texture and the inside the warm savory chicken and almonds were a surprising bit of delicious.

Pastilla de Poulet

Next up were the entrees. We chose the” Cotelette d’Agneau” a spectacular dish of braised lamb chops, asparagus and mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes ere light and buttery they simply melt in your mouth.  The lamb chops with their light dusting of steak sauce were tender and succulent, simply incredible.

Cotelette d'Agneau

My companion for the evening opted for the “Paella”, a large dish of Slow cooked rice with shrimp, mussels, calamari, chicken, and merguez (sausage). A great dish from the very first bite. I’ve eaten Paella at many a location and La Vie’s version of the dish is exquisite, one of the best I’ve had by far.


Normally we like to sample dessert options but by the time the last entree was finished there simply wasn’t any room for anything more. The portions are perfect for sampling and sharing as any good food should be. Aside from the atmosphere, great cocktails and amazing food La Vie also offers a delightful mix of entertainment which varies by day from Hip-hop to middle eastern. Visit for details on their daily line-up.  A fantastic venue for private occasion, a happy hour drink or hot date La Vie is red hot and ready to be NYC’s next great locale. Its been open barely 2 months now, so I suggest you get in while you can! It won’t be long before this low key lounge has a 3 month waiting list.
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