Restaurant Review: Dining on “Real” Pizza at L’asso

The Break Down:

Location: 192 Mott Street (at Kenmare) 212-219-2353

Cuisine: Light Italian

Items: 1 Medium Pie, 1 Appetizer, 1 Dessert, 4 beverages (non-Alcoholic)

Cost: $50 (with 20% tip included)

Best Dish: The Pizza, both types were equally tasty

Overall: Not intimate enough for a first date but a great place for an established couple, great friends and even the kiddies.

I can hardly believe there was a time in my lifetime when I didn’t know what a “real” pizza was. Until last week I figured as long as it had sauce, cheese and a crust it was a pizza, I was clearly mistaken. Thankfully I received a delicious lesson in Pizza the right way, from L’asso a small eatery in Nolita (a small slice of the big apple just north of Little Italy). Just a few short blocks from the Spring Street station on Mott street lies a small intimate pizza paradise. Though the menu offfers other Italian favorites we were there to sample their infamous pizza pie.

Going over the menu is a task in it self as every pie is packed with unique toppings and gourmet cheeses. Luckily, the L’asso team is a friendly bunch and as any great host does they offered us flat breads in olive oil and olives to rev up our appetites as we perused the menu. We started our meals with an order of “Edna’s Meatballs”, a  dish of 3 large meatballs swimming in the house tomato sauce topped with cheese and served with toasted bread. Comprised of veal beef and pork these meatballs are firm moist and unbelievably tasty.

One empty serving dish later our pizza arrived. At L’asso satisfaction is key so diners who order a medium or large pie can split the pie in half. We opted for the “Margherita D.O.C.” and the “Soppressata”. The “Margherita” named after Italian royalty and to quote a pamphlet I found at the restaurant “The patron saint of Pizza”, this pie is topped with tomato, basil, oregano and a generous helping of extra virgin olive oil. Sauce and topping spread from end to end on these pies no wasted energy on tough too thick crust here, sauce cheese and flavor accompany every single bite.

The “Soppressata” half of our pie was drizzled with Parmesan cheese, covered in a thin layer of dry Italian sausage and onions. I don’t usually like onions on pizza but these were sweet and flavorful a delicious compliment to the salty sausage.

We followed the amazing pizza up with twin cups of herbal tea and the super chocolaty “Smores Pizza”.  A thin layer of dough topped with a thick layer of delicious chocolate and topped with marshmallows. Stuffed with pizza finishing the dessert was a battle lost.

All in all great food good pricing and cozy atmosphere.  The place is relatively small, the tables are rather close together but the vibe is so friendly and comfortable you hardly notice after the first five minutes.  Do be wary of “pizza envy” as we couldn’t help but look at the unique combinations at the tables around us and drool just a little bit.  We wanted to try them all, and at these prices we could have. Go to  L’asso check it out for yourself but mark my words you may never want pizza any other way once you’re had it the right way, the real way the “L’asso” way.
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